CTC 2021 Awards Evening

A Message From Our Club Secretary – Ben Newman

Dear members, thanks to all that attended the 2021 awards ceremony and for those that shared some photos which you can see here. It was a great evening where everyone had a chance to catch up and look back on the last two years we’ve had as a club. Some well deserved recognition was made for some impressive achievements which you read further on below. There were many other achievements from members that were made over the last two years and we hope that you can build on these to reach and plan future goals in your triathlon journey as we approach Christmas 🎄 2022 and beyond.

Lastly, a get well soon message to our chairman Andrew George who wasn’t able to attend unfortunately, + a BIG thanks 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 to our vice chairman James Cairns for stepping in and doing a sterling job with the speeches and award giving. The committee 🙏🏻 hope your winter training goes well out there on the hills, muddy trails, and in the swimming pool (sea if you are brave enough) and we look forward to us all getting out there again next year for another season of achievements!!

Happy nearly Christmas everyone!

CTC 2021 Awards

  • Club Champion 2021 – Will Grace
Club Champion 2021 - Will Grace
Club Champion 2021 – Will Grace

This year the award goes to the athlete who’s achievements are impossible to not recognise . Since joining the club , he has gone from strength to strength , consistently improving season after season, culminating this season by topping various leaderboard’s both domestically and internationally . Podium performances have now become the norm. 5th at the Outlaw Half Distance Bowood in a time of 4:12, Leeds Age Group Winner with the 2nd fastest bike split , European age group champion (finishing 2nd overall), and the winner of the Chichester Half Marathon.

  • Club Athlete 2021 – William Galvin
Club Athlete 2021 - William Galvin
Club Athlete 2021 – William Galvin

In a similar vein , this chap has consistently performed at the pointy end of long course races all season, a regular on Tuesday night club swims and event podiums alike . 7th at Swanage, placed 1st in his age group at Hardman Ireland, and representing the UK at Challenge Roth by turning in a blistering time of 10:02. Not finished for the season here, he joined the podium at 255 Goodwood with 3rd overall in a rocket like time of 12:25. Look out 2022, here comes William Galvin.

  • Swimmer of the Year 2021 – Lucy Scott
Swimmer of the year - Lucy Scott
Swimmer of the year – Lucy Scott

This triathlete has an infectious enthusiasm and brightens up any session. In such a shortened swim year, these gains deserve even more recognition . Huge improvements in form and pace have not gone unnoticed by the swim team and swimmers alike, look out lane 5, Lucy Scott is heading your way.

  • Cyclist of the Year 2021 – Bart Gay
Cyclist of the year - Bart Gay
Cyclist of the year – Bart Gay

An already strong cyclist and even stronger triathlete who has added an ultra distance to his tally for the year. Unlocking further improvements to his already impressive race CV and regularly representing the club against the specialism of the time trial format at Goodwood this year. He is always on the front page of the results against some extremely stiff competition, Bartman took the win in August and 1st in has age category in the 255 Ultra Long Distance Triathlon.

  • Runner of the Year 2021 – Linda Roberts
Runner of the Year 2021
Runner of the year – Linda Roberts

This award goes to a runner who probably had one of the longest ever build phases to an event. This lady could win awards for best Strava and Instagram pictures whilst out training and/or for their contribution to the club in many other ways. An awesome runner over many distances, this award is for a particular event, a brutal Ultra distance off road run – Race to the King. Totally 53 miles with 5000ft of ascending all in an unbelievable time of 11:26!

The following are some unique awards for some unforgettable moments during this season past

  • Navigation Specialists – Andy Smithers & Neil Bradfield
Navigational Specialists
Navigation Specialists!

If these guys are leading during a club ride or run , ensure you have your Garmin turned on with the wayfinder mode activated. I believe this athlete has managed to get lost twice in one season during a race . Not content with adding some mileage in preparation for an Ironman, his kindness stretched to bringing a club mate along with him next time for company. Our other Award winner has achieved this accolade through their recent experience as point man on the IOW club ride, managing to get lost around Portsmouth playing hunt the Ferry.

  • Most Jinxed Triathlete – Shaun Dowling (our Head Coach!)

For a period this persons ability to change brilliant sunshine into a rainstorm on any raceday, club ride, club run, or BBQ was unrivalled, even on a bank holiday weekend!! We hope that our small gift goes some way to breaking this cycle of hoodoo and future days do not require our wet weather gear when your on the start sheet.

  • Best Race Report – Jonty ‘Ironman’
Best Race Report
Best Race Report

In the words of the Highlander, “ there can be only one“. The 255 or the 2 or the 5 or the other 5 vlog race report of Jonty , was simply a masterpiece.

  • Value for Money Award – Kevin Downey
Value for Money Award
Value for Money Award

The winner of this award , may be starting a trend to take the crown from our own weatherman, Mr Dowling. Quite simply the recognition of travelling across Europe for the most expensive duathlon ever, goes to Mr Downey.

  • The Most Dead Turns In An Event, Ever – Nicky McCulloch
Value for Money Report
Value for Money Award

This person had a race booked during lockdown and wasn’t going to let COVID interfere with her raceday . For those that don’t know, a dead turn is a hair pin turn, especially tiring when running as you have to stop, change direction, start running again. This athlete did 45kms worth in her back garden to replicate the Jurassic Coast Race! We heard your lawn has still not recovered so we have got something that might help.

  • Determination and Resilience Award – David Beynon
Determination and Resilience Award
Determination and Resilience Award

Our final award winner decided one long distance in a year isn’t enough, actually one a month wasn’t enough. He did two IM in July, three long distances in 6 weeks, Ironman Bolton (a little bit bumpy), Outlaw Nottingham and if they aren’t difficult enough in the day light, Midnight man to finish in a hugely respectable 12:58 and 9th in his age group.