CTC Youths

Membership to the CTC youth group is by invite from Adam McCulloch, the youth lead coach, only. All members must be proficient in swimming front crawl, running, and cycling on the road and may be asked to attend a trial session before joining.

This is a small group of athletes which enables road cycling and open water swimming (lake and sea) to take place safely by the coaches. All club sessions are led by British Triathlon qualified coaches who are are all DBS checked. Places are sought after therefore, anyone wishing to join will be expected to show a commitment to triathlon and the club by regularly attending sessions, completing their own personal training and entering multi sport events.

Please use the form below for further information.


The youth group swim on Thursday evenings 19:30 – 20:30 at the Everyone Active Leisure Centre in Chichester.

The youth group attend bike and run sessions every Saturday at a variety of locations which includes cycling on roads so helmets MUST worn.

During the summer, runs and strength and conditioning session are put on at the local beach along with some open water swimming practice.

We also offer training camps in the New Forest and regularly have invited guest speakers to deliver talks on subjects such as sports psychology and nutrition during the off season.

Communication for this group is by email, private Facebook group and a club WhatsApp group.

Our youth members are encouraged to join the adult section of the club when they become 18 and will be supported if they desire to become BTF coaches.