CTC Adult BTF Level 2 Coached Run Sessions with Ben Newman

WHEN? Wednesdays 6-7pm

WHERE? (usually meeting on the field, next to Chichester Rugby Clubhouse, Oaklands Park)

WHO? ALL abilities. Sessions based on 80/20 run techniques (running slow to run faster!) & designed to ensure all athletes can benefit as well as learn more about running.

HOW? Train in a safe environment with other members and learn techniques and drills that you can build into your own sessions. This will be a challenging hour but fun, and is a great way to meet other members and share experiences. Everyone’s fitness age is different, so everyone’s run speeds will be different. That’s fine!

Managing our heart rate will be key as we build our running capabilities. Rests and active running will be used in sessions to recover between tougher sets, & you will be encouraged to run within your limits and not other peoples. We will talk about running in zones, get you more comfortable with your own speed so you can understand your body better & we will advise & give pointers for you to perform better.

Why not take this opportunity to improve? Take your training into an event to show yourself a new you.

October – December – Growing our run knowledge on different conditions & locations. Building strength and endurance. Discussing future events and goal setting for 2024.

January – March – Focus more on speed and longevity.

March – May – Building on endurance & stamina.

2 x events we will structure our 2024 training sessions around:

  1. Chichester Corporate Challenge – 4x lap 4.4km street run race: March 2024
  2. CTC
    a. Club Champs event: COTSWOLD ½ Iron Man: June/July 2024 (or)
    b. Chichester Triathlon: June/July 2024 (or)

Summary: Whatever your goals are, these sessions will build up your strength and stamina so you can go longer and faster. They will help you to gradually build your resilience & conditioning to running.

We will offer advice & help each week for you to build yourself to becoming a better runner. The sessions are aimed at improvement, whatever your speed or ability is, they all have recovery designed into them so you are not over-fatigued, & as you progress your knowledge of how far you can push yourself will improve and change for the better.

The result in all this is for you to build your STRENGTH & STAMINA which will give you a better chance to finish STRONG at the end of your event.

These sessions will cover:

  • Flat Trails: improving your endurance and longevity.
  • Intervals: fast & slow (recovery) running – these WILL improve your speed.
  • Tempo: longer continuous running helping you run longer at a better pace.
  • Hills (or inclined paths): improving your strength & speed work & mental toughness.

This is a session plan that can be used to complement your existing training schedule & if applied will help you improve your running.


  • Your run kit: trainers, shorts, top, cap etc (whatever you feel appropriate for the conditions and weather)
  • If you chose, do bring your watch with heart rate monitor so you can see your beats per minute values before, during, and after your session.
  • Head torch (when the evenings are darker)
  • Reflective top (when the evenings are darker)
  • Cagoule / Gillet (as appropriate)

How to join in?
All sessions are managed via the SPOND app so simply tick the ACCEPT button on the session you want to join. We will then know who plans to attend!

If you have any questions or queries then please use the form below.